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    Likewise the Spirit also helps our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Rom 8:26

Please name your prayer needs and the needs of others. We as saints will stand with you and pray that God will move mountains in your lives; for a renewal of faith and strength in Jesus Christ.

You may just use your first name and the name of who the prayers are for. Don't forget to come back to give us updates regarding the need-that is encouragement for us all! Your prayer requests will also be read on the radio.
If you do not desire your prayer request to be read on the radio please note "FOR WEB SITE VIEW ONLY" and we will respect your wishes.

Dad cancer

My dad has prostate cancer. It's gotten into his legs. Please pray for him. Thank you Jodi

Thank you for prayers/I see God working

Thank you to all who have been praying, please continue to do so. I see God working, things are showing improvement but we've still got a ways to go. I so very much love my son, his wife and my granddaughters so much.
May God bless each and everyone of you out here.

Prayer request for family issue

Prayer for unity in my family, we're an extended family
(grandmother, grandfather, son, DIL and grandkids)
Now due to harsh feelings some of the family wants to move. I've asked forgiveness, apologized.
I was in the wrong. Prayer for unity in the family, forgiveness to be extended. True healing for all of us so we can learn to talk to each other and treat each other better. Thank you.

prayer request

Please pray for our( believing!!!) son. He is is enslaved by an eating disorder, has no direction in life; fear loneliness and depression rule. Bless you for praying. KE

Open the air passages

I got a call yesterday from a friend in Washington. Actually it was her husband calling and relayining written messages from my friend who was in I.C.U with a rare bacteria infection in her throat. This rare bacteria closed off her esophogus and was preventing her from breathing properly and swallowing. She is only in her late 40's and has been trying to get to Alaska for the past five years but one thing after another seems to prevent her from coming up here. First she wanted to move up here, but as that became a far fetched dream, even visiting has taken the back seat too for possibly another year. Her spirits are low and bruised with this new medical set back.

Please pray that she still see Jesus throughout all of her setbacks and that she see HE really does have a plan for us. A plan for re-newal in Him. I pray that she will realize Jesus is there giving her the true breath of life!

Thank you

I wanted to tank everyone who prayed for me, I have been back home, totally recooperated and sure appreciate the prayers and my dear Alaskan friend :-)
I pray some day to be blessed to be able to visit Alaska and my riend and her family.

Urgent Prayer Needed For Foster Child

Please pray for a foster family who is struggling emotionally after their beloved foster child was sent to live under the same roof with a sibling that abused him. Please pray the Lord protect this child and return him to the loving Christian family that wants to adopt him. Help both the child and foster family to feel God's loving presence and the prayers of people who don't even know them but are interceding for them. Please pray the officials in this case put this child's best interest both physical and emotional above the unrealistic and unsafe goal of reunification and that the goal be changed to adoption so this child has a chance at life and this cycle be broken. Please put this little guy on your prayer list at church and ask your friends to pray for him. God Bless You for praying for this innocent child!

Prayer for my family

Please pray for my family. My wife and I have been separated for two months
and just spoke for the first time (via email) in over three weeks. We are
both believers; however, I do not know if she is attending church. She does
not want to hear about God, church, or counseling. Please pray that God will
soften her heart, bring us back into his will, and give her back the passion
to restore our marriage. I pray that God's will and our decisions will be in

World peace

I am hoping for world peace!


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