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A show about Alaskan women living a "Last Frontier" lifestyle. Alaskan women tend to be more independent - outspoken, with a can do attitude that is sometimes a little intimidating to some men!  Yet, cook a full coarse banquet and display hospitality that would warm the heart of any logger or fisherman.

Some subject of interest that will be discussed on the show are:

Health and fitness

Women fishermen

Women hunters


Breast Cancer

Death of a loved one


Becoming a Christian

Mountain Climbing

Home school

Disabilities: Fibromyalgia, MS, loss of limps, emphysema etc.



And many many more....




OCTOBER 16th - 22nd

October 16, 1930 - The Presbyterian Church at Wrangell, the oldest one in Alaska, was destroyed by fire.
October 17, 1873 - Thomas Riggs, who became the 9th governor of Alaska, was born in Maryland.
October 18, 1867 - The United States formally took possession of the Territory of Alaska with the raising of the flag at New Archangel, now Sitka.
October 19, 1889 - The first and perhaps only, Alaska post of the Grand Army of the Republic was organized in Juneau.
October 20, 1959 - The city of Juneau proposed construction of a new state Legislattive and Court building, and offered to donate the land.
October 21, 1904 - The Dillingham post office was established, named for U. S. Senator William P. Dillingham who had visited the town.
October 22, 1949 - A gold rush was on! Reports arrived of pea-sized nuggets found on the Yukon River, 160 miles north of Fairbanks. It was known as the Fishwheel Strike.


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